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Jonathan’s Portraits: Helping You Remember Tomorrow How You Lived, Loved and Laughed Today

Our Waukesha photographers work with identity. To us, you’re more than a pretty face; you are emotion, you are talent, you are completely unique and that’s what we take pride in capturing. We unlock the precious places in your heart where currents of emotion flash over you…THAT’S what we capture. Again and again….and again.

Our photographs reflect the real you, the BEST YOU. We capture raw, beautiful and flawless emotion in every photograph. We’re photographers with unique styles, but we’re also photographers with a sense of humor, so you can relax and have fun knowing your images will reflect your natural radiance. At Jonathan’s Portraits we "Help You Remember Tomorrow How You Lived, Loved and Laughed Today."

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Best Wedding Photographer Waukesha, WIWe don’t believe in forced and fake poses. So many photographers in Waukesha dominate and overpower their client’s true personality for a “good photograph”, but what’s a good photograph if it’s not really about YOU?

We believe in capturing YOU in the MOMENT. We catch how you move, how you laugh, how you interact and how you RE-act.

The same goes for our couples photography and family portraits. We capture the genuine dynamic, how you truly interact with each other. Most often the best photographs are not posed; they’re wild kids driving parents crazy or a tender gesture between a couple who thinks no one is looking.

This is exactly what we mean when we say we capture the true essence. We believe there’s so much to be said for honesty. Honesty can be beautiful, precious, vulnerable or funny. Most importantly honesty is raw and it’s real, which is why capturing it inspires emotion forever.


Some photographers in Waukesha do so much editing the real people look unrecognizable to themselves (and others!). We believe there is pure, genuine, natural beauty in every person and that’s what we capture. We transform self-images, allowing you to see the beauty others see in you. Of course we edit; We edit lighting, shadows, coloring, blemishes, but we don’t edit out YOU. We don’t believe in censoring. We believe in capturing, preserving and reflecting your true spirit, essence and beauty.


Family Portrait Photographer WaukeshaOur photographs are living, breathing works of art that incite emotion. They are treasured as heirlooms, works of art people want to display, to share and to pass down.

Our unique ability to be the fly on the wall means we let authentic emotion and interaction happen without imposing censorship. Our photographs tell the story that’s perfectly yours.

At Jonathan’s Portraits we draw from our high energy, unbridled passion, and of course, our sense of humor.

We use what’s special and unique about us to “expose” what’s special and unique about YOU. At Jonathan’s Portraits, we make your experience comfortable, relaxing and, most of all, FUN!

Our Waukesha photographers thrive on capturing all the cycles of life, like:

When it comes to the important things in life we capture the moments that take your breath away time and time again.

The Jonathan’s Portraits’ studio is located in Pewaukee, but we’ll go just about anywhere in the world to capture what’s important to you!

Whether you are looking for a senior pictures photographer in New Berlin, a Pewaukee wedding photographer, a family portrait photographer in Oconomowoc or newborn photographers in Menomonee Falls, we’ll be there to capture those special moments in time.

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