About Us

Jonathan brings thirty-two years of professional experience behind the camera. Having photographed thousands upon thousands, he still captures the uniqueness in every individual and the special moments in every important occasion. He has a gift for capturing the very essence necessary to create a great photo and the artistic talent to produce outstanding, beautiful and amazing portraits.

We specialize in  Glamour Fashion Photography for women ages 35-65, and Infant Photography that is done in the first 2 weeks of life.

We also design Business and Professional photographs and head shots for websites, business cards, booklets and brochures, etc.

For gift needs, most people can plan on investing between $300-$600 and receive a larger photograph plus some smaller ones.

Our Guarantee of Excellence…

Every effort will be made to create portraits you will love and be proud to own. You are going to have these images for generations to come so you deserve to be happy with them. We guarantee the excellence and quality of our work.

For questions email us at JonathansPortraits@gmail.com.

What others are saying…

“This is art, beautiful, natural, priceless, and full of love. We consider this to be a true family heirloom. We will have this piece in our family for generations to come, long after my husband, myself, and our children have passed on. I can only imagine the stories that will follow this photo into the decades to come.
We want to sincerely express our gratitude for capturing the essence of our family. The love we have for one another lives on through what you were able to capture through your lens. Photographers like you should be celebrated and appreciated for the gift you bring to families like ours.”
The Januszewski Family
Pewaukee, WI

“My experience is that I am in show business and I have seen photographs and been with the stars and I have never seen anybody or found anybody better than you!  I was Beijing China and the photographer there didn’t even come close to what you did for us.”
Mike and Dawn Hogan
Arlington Heights, IL 

“After hearing good things from friends who were Jonathan’s clients, I wanted that picture, the one that I would be able to cherish long after the kids left the house. It’s hard to describe what the pictures mean to me. The closest thing I can say is that when I walk by the photos in my house, they stir an emotional response. All three kids look beautiful, natural and content. These pictures are my ‘one moment in time’ of my children’s childhood that I cherish forever.”
Cheryl Jaquiss
Mequon, WI

“This portrait is everything I wanted it to be. Not only did you capture the true essence of my daughters, but you captured them as ‘my’ daughters for the last time! Since then, my oldest has married, and I am going to be a grandparent for the first time! Life has moved on… and I am so glad that I did this! Every time I look at the portrait, I’m reliving the moment, I’m back in the field with them. The girls were blown away when they saw it through your eyes via the camera. My five daughters are my priorities… this portrait was a gift for me.”
Debra Davidowski
Milwaukee, WI

We’d love to hear from you! Our service is always professional. Whatever your photography needs are, you can count on us. We create memories that make you smile!

We have a home office in Vernon Hills, IL, and travel through out the Chicago Land area and Southeast Wisconsin.