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Milwaukee Boudoir Photographers Enhance What's Sexy About YOU!

Jonathan’s Portraits has been doing boudoir photography for Milwaukee and surrounding areas for years. We were one of the first Milwaukee boudoir photographers to create images that went beyond the purely sexual. We broke the beauty barrier, redefining sexiness.

We don’t believe you have to look, act or pose a certain way to be sexy. YOU give sexiness meaning. Our Milwaukee boudoir photographers create images around your personality, whether it’s sweet and shy or fiercely sexy.

Our boudoir photography can be glamorous, couture, sexual, provocative, mysterious. What defines your images is who you are as a woman. No, not that woman…Not the mother, the wife, the chauffeur, the maid; The woman who is smart, curvy, care-free. Everything about you is sexy; the way you twirl your hair, the way your nose wrinkles when you laugh, the way you tilt your head when you’re trying to remember something. You are beautiful and sexy without ever having to try. Our job is to make you see that. 

Stop the insecurities; start celebrating what you love about yourself, what makes you special, one-of-a-kind. Your body was custom made, your body is beautiful, YOU are beautiful!

At Jonathan’s Portraits, we have a special way of making you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera so you can be YOU. We make your boudoir experience light, professional and fun!

Reconnect with your inner goddess; Reconnect with what makes you feel beautiful; Reconnect with that sexy woman who doesn’t always get to shine.

Our Milwaukee boudoir photographers know how to create flattering angles and how to adjust the light and shadows. But unlike so many other boudoir photographers, we don’t believe in obnoxious editing. We won’t edit out your freckles, enhance the size of your eyes or create a photoshopped body. We just don’t believe in editing out YOU. We enhance what’s sexy about you: your hair, your facial features, your movements.

Our boudoir images do so many things. They heighten self-esteem, self-worth, self-acceptance and confidence! Whether you want a very special husband-to-be gift, pre-baby body images, a milestone birthday portrait or just a little something to rekindle the flame, women use boudoir photography for all sorts of occasions. But most of all, women do boudoir shoots because they’re FUN! They’re a celebration of themselves!

Jonathan’s Portraits offers boudoir photo books, canvas prints, bedside 5x7s and virtually any other artful imagery you can think of. Just let us know what you have in mind!

Contact our Milwaukee boudoir photographers today to setup your session!